Editorials +BRanding


By showcasing your brand/products in real-life scenarios, editorial photography allows you to create stronger emotional connections with your audiences. A great collection is not just a random selection, but it is a story in itself. A story or theme is what separates good from great… and your customers want to know your story!

45 minute session: $400

A small session to capture headshots/portraits for personal branding.

On a typical 45 minute session, we can capture approximately 10 images. Please inquire to customize this package.


A small session of 2 hours for a mini branding session, quick product photos or Personal Brand Photography for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use photography to help build their brand and online presence.

On a typical Mini Session we can capture approximately 15 product/catalog shots, 2 looks for a lookbook, and 5 company/staff headshots or portraits.


Big projects like look books, website updates, company/staff head shots, interior shots, products shots, etc., this package includes a 4 hour shoot on location. You will receive a wetransfer file of all images from the shoot.

On a typical Half Day shoot we can capture approximately 40 product/catalog shots, 10-20 looks for a lookbook, and 12-16 company/staff headshots or portraits.


For larger projects of the same nature listed in my half day rate including weekend conferences and other big events, editorial shoots, instructional manuals, behind the scenes footage of a video or photo production, video shoots for YouTube or promotional content. You will receive a wetransfer file of all select mages from the shoot within 48 hours. 

On a typical Full Day shoot we can capture approximately 60-80 product/catalog shots, 20-30 looks for a lookbook, 18-32 company/staff head shots or portraits along with along with environmental shots of your company's atmosphere and culture in action.